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Day Service FAQ's

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Why attend the Day Services Centre at the Hospice?
The Day Services Centre offers a safe and supportive environment managed and maintained by our team of staff and volunteers. At the centre we will work with you to help you manage the effects of your illness by exploring your treatment options, monitoring the effects of your treatment processes and medications, and helping you to establish healthy routines and supportive structures. There is also the opportunity to share your experiences with others in similar circumstances. You may choose to see one of complementary therapists for specific treatments as part of your day services care plan, which could also include working on specific issues and projects, in groups and with specific staff. The centre is situated in newly refurbished part of the Hospice. It consists of a large main room with a separate lounge, staff offices and a quiet room. We also have a number of complementary therapy suites. A hot lunch is catered and refreshments are available throughout the day.

How often can I attend?
Most people attend once a week. The numbers of days to attend and the choice of which days will depend on your personal preferences, diagnosis and treatment needs.

How long will I be able to attend Day Services?
Day Services offers an initial placement of up to 12 weeks. In this initial period, we will work with you to establish whether you needs can be met in a short, medium or long-term programme. Everyone undergoes an assessment and is allocated a key-worker to support them in developing a personalised care plan. This plan sets achievable outcomes and creates a structured programme based on your needs while attending the service, and on resourcing and the supports and services you require. While the emphasis is to ensure you have the support you need to manage your illness we will also explore personal goals and interests with you. When you are ready to be discharged from Day Services, we will work with you to establish continuing care and support in the community.

What happens during the day?
We have a varied programme throughout the week to allow for people to access as many different therapies, activities, and resources as possible. What programme you create for yourself will depend on what you feel is most helpful to you. You may have booked a complementary therapy, followed by a nurturing lunch and a creative arts activity. You may want to access the daily exercise classes, spend time talking through concerns or issues with staff, or sharing some of your experiences with others attending the centre. You could have an appointment with the dietitian or with the physiotherapist, or be meeting the social worker to discuss housing issues or finances. You can relax in the lounge and read, or resource information on one of our Internet access computers.

How will I get to the Hospice?
We provide transport in a specially adapted 6 seater ambulance with wheelchair access for people who have difficulty using personal or public transport, or who have problems with their mobility which would prevent them from attending Day Services. As part of our admission process we will discuss your transport needs with you.

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