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Inpatient FAQ's

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Why has my doctor suggested I come into the Hospice to stay?
People come in to St John's Hospice for a number of reasons. Many patients come in for help with managing their symptoms such as pain or breathlessness. Some people are admitted to give their close family a short break from their care. Some patients come in right at the end of their life to die here. We will discuss the goals of your admission with you when you arrive at the Hospice.

How long can I stay at St John's?
The majority of patients stay with us for a period of up to two weeks. St John's Hospice is a specialist unit and is therefore unable to provide long term nursing care. We plan discharges very carefully and we will work with you to assess your care needs in partnership with your family and carers. We will provide information and advice to enable you to make an informed choice regarding the care options available, which might include a care home placement.

Do you have a waiting list?
It is unusual for us to have a waiting list. Most people stay with us for less than two weeks, and so beds become available all the time and a bed can usually often be offered either as an emergency or within a few days. We are able to admit patients seven days a week. If there is a delay before your admission we will keep you informed and offer alternative help wherever possible.

Can my family stay with me?
We recognise that when you are seriously ill, members of your family might want to be close to you 24 hours a day. We are able to There are facilities for close family to stay overnight especially when the situation is serious. Families can stay either in a recliner chair next to your bed or in a special relatives' overnight room just along the corridor.

What are the visiting times?
We welcome visitors at any time but try to have a quieter hour after lunch between 1.30 and 2.30. We would encourage you to discuss visitors with your nurses if you have any anxieties about having too many visitors or if there are particular people you would like us to contact.

What do I need to bring into the Hospice?
Please bring your current medication with you when you are admitted to the Hospice. Our doctors will review them, and you may need to continue taking them. We also recommend that you bring in day clothes and night clothes, a dressing gown and toiletries, together with anything else that will keep you occupied during your stay. We suggest that you bring nothing valuable, just a small amount of money for newspapers and snacks. Each bed has a TV with a DVD player and we can provide newspapers for you.

Can somebody bring my pet to visit me?
Absolutely! We obviously ask that they are supervised during the visit, but we do welcome pets.

Is there anything for my children to do when they visit me?
We have a children's room, which is very well stocked with toys and books. We ask that visiting children be are supervised by an adult at all times.

Will I be able to stay in touch with my family and friends when I am in the Hospice?
You can use your own mobile. You will also have a phone in your bedroom on which you can receive calls and from which you can make external local calls. We now have a laptop and wireless internet access for patients and visitors to use on the inpatient unit. The nurses will give you the password!

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