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Spiritual Care FAQ's

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Do I have to be a Catholic to come into the Hospice?
No - Although St John's Hospice is an integral part of the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth is proud of its Catholic heritage, we welcome people of all faiths or none.

Who can I turn to at the Hospice for spiritual help?
You can speak to any of the professional staff regarding your concerns.  It may be that a simple conversation with a good listener is all that you require. At other times you may wish to see someone more specifically trained in spiritual matters - such as a pastoral care worker or chaplain, or we can contact a particular faith leader on your behalf. 

We understand that, although a religious faith is one way in which people express their spiritual nature, this will not be true for everyone. 

We are very aware that illness, especially towards the end of life, can raise deep concerns about life's meaning and one's relationships, and we aim to support each individual in their journey.

Can my own faith leader visit?
Yes, we welcome faith leaders from the community, and we regularly have visits from Vicars, Rabbis and Imams.  We are happy to help you to make contact with any faith leader that you wish to see whilst you are in the Hospice.

Can we organise a service at the Hospice?
Yes, this can be done either with our own Chaplain or your own faith leader.  Please talk to the nursing team about your individual needs.

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