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Make A Will Fortnight FAQs

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Your Questions Answered


Is the Will writing or updating free of charge?

Yes. The solicitors have all agreed to give up their time for free in order to support St John’s Hospice. They ask however that you consider making a donation to the Hospice instead.


How much should I donate?

This is entirely a personal decision but a suggested amount would be £150 for a standard Will and £250 for standard mirror Wills.


How do I make a donation?

You will receive a St John’s Hospice donation form and envelope when you attend your appointment. You should complete the form, place your donation together with the form inside the freepost envelope, seal the envelope and then hand it back to your solicitor. All envelopes will be sent to St John’s Hospice at the end of Make a Will Fortnight.

Cheques should be made payable to St John’s Hospice.


Can I make an appointment outside of the Will Fortnight period?

Make a Will Fortnight is between the specified dates but if the solicitor agrees to accommodate you after that period then that is fine. However, it is at the solicitor's discretion and may not be possible.


The solicitor I have contacted has no suitable appointments or is full up?

The solicitors have a finite amount of time to give and they are giving this time for free. It is possible that some will be oversubscribed and in that instance you will have to refer back to the participating list to find another.


What if my Will is complicated?

The solicitors can only offer a standard or basic Will writing service free of charge. If your Will is more complex, they will advise you of this and explain any costs. You may refuse at this stage.


How many solicitors are taking part?

A list of the participating solicitors can be found here.


How will a gift in my Will help?

Our Inpatient Unit costs include expert nursing care and specialist equipment to alleviate pain. A legacy of £5,000 could go towards the cost of 2 specialist pressure-relief chairs. Many of our patients benefit from complementary therapies that can help with fatigue, stress, anxiety and pain.

A legacy of £60,000 could go towards the cost of complementary therapy sessions for 1 year. Our team of Community Nurses and Nursing Assistants care for patients in the comfort and familiarity of their homes.

A legacy of £250,000 and over could go towards the cost of running our Community Services for 1 year.


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