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Remember Us In Your Will

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What To Do Next
Making a Will is usually straightforward and inexpensive. As with any legal document it is best to seek professional advice. If you do not have a solicitor you could ask family or friends for a recommendation or search online for a local solicitor on the Law Society website.

There are three main ways to leave a legacy to St John’s Hospice in your Will:

  • Residue Legacy
  • Cash Legacy
  • Item Specific Legacy
  • Codicil

Residue Legacy
Of course you’ll want to ensure that those closest to you are looked after. However after making provision for family and friends, you can leave what’s left - the residue - to St John's Hospice.

Cash Legacy
Gifts of cash are always very welcome. Remember however, that cash donations will decrease in value over time, so remember to index link your gift. This is also known as a pecuniary legacy.
Item Specific Legacy
Specific items such as property, shares, jewellery, furniture etc. can be gifted.

If you already have a Will you can add a gift to St John’s by getting your solicitor to prepare a supplement called a codicil.

If you do decide to leave a legacy to St John’s you can follow this link for suggested wording in your Will.

To talk to someone about leaving a gift in your will to support end of life care for local people, please complete the form below or telephone Emma on 020 786 4032 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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