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Setting up Payroll Giving as an employer

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How to set up Payroll Giving:

1. Sign up to a Payroll Giving Agency (PGA's)

If you aren't already signed up with a Payroll Giving Agency, there are agencies that facilitate Payroll Giving and distributes the donations from your employees. A list of HMRC approved agencies can be found on the HMRC Payroll Giving page.

2. Promote Payroll Giving to your employees

Your employees may not know of St John's Hospice or the benefits of Payroll Giving. Get everyone involved to maximise the benefits that regular giving gives to our charity.

3. Sign up!

Your employees can simply sign up to your Payroll Giving Scheme and start to support our charity by completing the form on the staff leaflet and returning it to the HR Department. You may also want to match fund the money that your employees have donated to show further support to the causes they care about and also show commitment to your local community.

You can also find more information on the Payroll Giving Centre website.

Guidance on how to set up Payroll Giving for employees can be found here.

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