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High School students garden at the Hospice

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ASL gardening

Students from the American Schoool in London took time over the weekend to come and help out with the gardening at the Hospice. One enthusiastic student decided to put in words the work they did.

We all trekked off to the St John's Hospice across the road from American School in London, which some of us have been working on for a number of years. This time we raked and filled numerous rubbish bags, we planted six big patio pots, which will come alive in the spring, and completed the final stage of our bed border, which has been in progress for three CSDays (successfully managed by three 6th graders). This bedraggled corner of the Hospice used to be a place where rubbish from all over the Hospital was dumped. It now is a thriving outdoor haven for patients to get some fresh air and admire the beautiful flower beds.

Stats of the day:

300 bulbs

25 bags of leaves

25 plants

6 big patio pots

32 earthworms, found, halved and replanted

25 courageous ASL volunteers and 1 dog


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