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Thousands up for grabs in Hospice Lottery

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Every Saturday, our 159 Lottery players are in with a chance of winning up to £25,000. We receive profits directly from the number of Lottery players we recruit, so we need your support. From every £1 entry, 50p comes directly to St John's. Sign up and help us safeguard the future of our Hospice. 

Each week your personal six-digit Lottery number will be entered into a draw and the winning numbers will be chosen at random. You can purchase as many numbers as you wish for £1 each, giving you even more chances to win a number of great cash prizes.

 ‘We’re delighted to support St John’s Hospice.  We live mainly in Manchester, but also on Abbey Road, just round the corner. Whenever we’re in London, we always visit the Coffee Shop just inside the Hospital and make sure that our Lottery subscriptions are up to date. It’s a quick and easy way of helping to fund the excellent work that the Hospice does, and you just might win £25,000! I am a trustee of a charity myself, and I fully support the way that any surplus made by the Hospital helps to finance the Hospice, which provides free care to those who need it. As you may know, it takes over £5million to run the Hospice for a year, and playing the Lottery makes a real contribution towards these costs. I do hope you’ll join in and start playing the St John’s Hospice Lottery. Me? Yes, I’ve already planned how to spend my winnings - trade in the old Mercedes A-Class for a new one, and get a 65-inch 4K television. Here’s hoping!’ Paul Berman and Helen Whitehead, October 2015

Personally I think £10 a week is a sum I don’t miss, but over the course of a year it adds up to a substantial donation to a worthy cause. The regularity is crucial for the funding of any service. And of course it is quite fun receiving lotto letters every now and again; the anticipatory thrill of the envelope opening is only diminished by the fact that I have only ever won a fiver!' Dr Oliver Firth, November 2015

To buy a single entry for just £1, visit our partner Unity Lottery’s website. The lottery raised more than £3,000 for the Hospice last year.

For more information, visit our Lottery page, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Unity or call the Unity office on 0870 050 9240.

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