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Arnold House School raise over £600 for St John's Hospice!

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Arnold House School

On June 14, Alex Murray-Bruce and a group of friends from Arnold House School organsied a veryspecial concert for St John’s Hospice in our beautiful on site Chapel.

Alex decided to hold the concert because he thought fundraising, "was a good thing to do, it helps the Hospice grow which might improve care.  I saw my Dad do a concert and it raised £7,000, I found that very impressive.  I thought if I fundraise, I have all my friends who will donate – well hopefully their parents will."  In fact, Alex and his friends raised over £600 to support the care of our patients.

Alex and his friends played a variety of solos and group pieces.  Alex’s favourite song was by Leon Hammond, Rainbow.  He has played the cornet for four years and said that getting his friends together to do the concert was, ‘pretty easy, they all like to perform and stand out from the crowd.  We do a few concerts a year mostly all from the orchestra.’  He decided to tell all his friends about the concert and had help from Mrs Du Pont, the head of music at Arnold House School who are long standing supporters of the Hospice. But for Alex and his friends, this was the first time they had organised a concert to raise funds. ‘I was very nervous but it was really good and over in a second! I would like to do it again… It felt really nice to see everyone perform.  A dream come true.’

We would like to thank Alex and his friends, Mrs Du Pont, Arnold House School and all those involved who helped make the concert a success for St John’s Hospice.  Thank you to Alex and his friends for their enthusiasm and hard work.  

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