The staff and volunteers at St. John’s Hospice work tirelessly all year round caring for our patients – it can be tough at times but it’s  highly rewarding work and everybody has their favourite moments. We spoke to a few of our colleagues at the hospice to find out what their highlights were from the last year. 




Kas, Day Centre Volunteer – “Mine was definitely seeing everyone in the week coming up to Christmas. Irrespective of their religion or culture or whether they celebrated Christmas, there was just a community spirit, a sense of coming together at that time of year” 


Jane, Referrals & Discharge Specialist Nurse – “I started working here in April and I think my highlight was just how quickly I was integrated into the team. I was welcomed and accepted and looked after by one of the tightest and closest knit teams I’ve ever been in. They just made me feel so at home here”



Peter, Day Centre Coordinator – “Mine was Volunteer Appreciation Week. We had a party for all the volunteers here in the Day Centre and Sophie (our volunteer coordinator) did a whole bunch of home baking and we served them Pimms.  It was just an opportunity to say thank you and look after them and basically spoil them, because they work amazingly hard and we really couldn’t run the service without them”



Christophe, IPU Volunteer – “My favourite part of the year isn’t really one moment, but it’s all the moments you can connect with the family.  Everyone has their ways, but I use my shirts, they’re always different and they often make the families smile or laugh. It distracts them for a moment.”


Florian, Waiter – “There was one day that a manager came down personally to ask me about how everything was going and if I was happy.  The management is always there to help, and it’s a really supportive environment to work in.”


Jo, Hospice IPU Manager – “There was a patient who originally came into the IPU for rehab so she could walk down the aisle in Ireland.  Although we couldn’t get her to Ireland, she did manage to have her wedding ceremony here on the ward. We decorated the children’s room so her bridesmaids could get ready together and the chapel for the ceremony and everyone attended. We got to give her her day as a bride.”


Sophie, Volunteer Coordinator – “I really enjoyed doing the Volunteer Christmas Party. We did it a bit differently this year and tried to make it extra special. We had singers in doing vintage jazz singing and I saw a bunch of the volunteers dancing and jiving around.  It was just really nice to see them enjoy themselves, and let go, and feel appreciated because they’re just amazing human beings, all of them.”


Gina, Occupational Therapist – “We had a community patient who had been on our IPU for a month or 6 weeks and he came home and couldn’t get out into the garden. It was a really hot, sweaty July day and we decided that enough was enough and we ordered ramps and measured it all up and we managed to get him outside to his garden. That’s my favourite moment of 2019, that patient with sunglasses on and a big hat, beaming because he got to go outside.”

If you’re interested in joining our volunteer team, please contact Sophie Gray, Community Fundraising and Volunteer Coordinator. Email Telephone 0207 806 4049