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Please do not visit the Hospice if you or anyone in your household have any flu like symptoms such as a fever, a cough or you are experiencing breathing difficulties. Please self-isolate and visit NHS 111 online. Click here for the latest information.

Community fundraising

St John’s Hospice is in the community, for the community. So we love it when local organisations get involved to fundraise for us!

The tremendous support we have received from the local community is now being extended further afield, and many more people are now becoming actively involved. This support is instrumental in helping us raise the £2.1million that is needed each year to keep our vital services available to the patients and families that need us.

How your gift helps

Over the course of the year, we support over 4,000 patients and their families. Here’s how your support helps us to care for more people:


could buy a clothing kit for a St John’s Hospice Community Nurse.


could pay for the training of a Hospice volunteer, who will provide practical help and emotional support to patients in the Day Services Centre.


could buy 2 weeks worth of clinical disposables for one of our nurses working in the community


could pay for one day of expert nursing care.


could pay for a syringe driver, providing continuous, effective pain relief.


could pay for a week of physiotherapy to help our patients maintain their strength, mobility and independence.



could sponsor a St John’s Hospice Community Nurse for 2 weeks.

Stay up to date

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