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Please do not visit the Hospice if you or anyone in your household have any flu like symptoms such as a fever, a cough or you are experiencing breathing difficulties. Please self-isolate and visit NHS 111 online. Click here for the latest information.

Volunteer Opportunities

Hello and welcome.
Volunteers are at the very heart of our organisation ensuring the smooth running of all Hospice services; providing support for staff, patients and their visitors.
Without our volunteers’ dedication we would not be able to offer the range and extent of services that we do. We look forward to hearing from you.

Volunteer opportunities available

Volunteers contribute in a wide variety of ways such as caring for patients and families as well as assisting in the general running of the Hospice. Examples of these are the Inpatient Unit and Day Centre along with our flagship charity shop, on St John’s Wood High Street, as well as our Donation Centre, located on Finchley road. During your time volunteering with St John’s Hospice, you will be joining a conscientious, hardworking and valued frontline team, who are recognised for all the support that they contribute. We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds; you just need some spare time, energy and enthusiasm!

Telephone Befriending Volunteer

This volunteer will befriend a hospice service user over the phone. The volunteers will be matched with a service user who uses the social care services, community services or the day centre to have a weekly (or more often) 30 minute chat together. It will allow the opportunity to socialise and reduce experiences of isolation. It is a fun, safe and easy way for both parties to get to know someone new from the comfort of their own home.

These patients will be known by the community team or the social work team. The role does not include any personal care, advice giving, nor does it replace any professional paid worker. The telephone befriending volunteer will call the service user at prearranged times.

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Community Befriending Volunteer

This volunteer role involves visiting a service user in the community for companionship, and to help with some small household tasks such as posting letters, doing grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, walking a dog etc.

The volunteers are be matched with a service user who uses the social care services, community services or the Day Centre.

The role does not include any personal care, advice giving, nor does it replace any professional paid worker. The supply delivery volunteer will run the errands at a specified time.

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Charity Shop Volunteer

Morning shift: 10am – 2pm | Afternoon shifts: 2pm – 6pm

The Hospice shops are a vital source of income for the Hospice with thousands of pounds raised from the sale of items each month. We have our flagship store on St John’s Wood High Street and our Donation Centre on Finchley road. The shops accept donations from the public of clothes, shoes, accessories, books, DVD’s and household items. We can even accept damaged or old items for recycling.

The role of the volunteer is to support the manager in the successful running of the Hospice shop. Volunteers play a vital role in ensuring supporters are cared for when donating items, customers receive excellent service and the shop generates maximum revenue for the Hospice. You will be part of the dynamic team providing high quality customer service.

  • Duties:
  • Welcoming customers into the shop in a friendly and polite manner
  • Accepting donations from the public
  • Sorting donations and deciding which items can be sold and which can be recycled
  • Steaming and hanging clothes ready for display
  • Pricing items in accordance with quality, brand and season
  • Answering telephone enquiries in a timely, polite and professional manner
  • Operating the till and completing sales
  • Assisting customers and upselling items
  • Rotating stock and re-stocking the shop floor
  • Co-ordinating sales and re-pricing items
  • Ensuring the shop floor, displays and stock room remain clean and tidy
  • Ensuring donors are signed up to Gift Aid and items are marked as such accordingly

For more information:


Reception Volunteer

Morning shift: 9am – 1pm | Afternoon shift: 1pm – 4:30pm

The receptionist is often the first person patients, partners, family and visitors meet or speak to on the telephone. The welcome, consideration, respect and guidance that the receptionist offers can help ease some of the anxiety and worry people can feel when coming into the Hospice, especially for the first time.

This role is integral to the smooth operation of the Inpatient Unit. Volunteers play a vital role in helping patients feel cared about, comfortable and relaxed along with ensuring visitors, staff and relatives are fully informed and supported. There a number of specific responsibilities within the volunteer remit. These may vary in relation to the needs of each patient and the shift.


  • Answering the phone
  • Welcoming all admissions, including directing ambulance admissions to appointed rooms, and alerting ward nursing staff of admission
  • Relaying information either by redirecting calls or taking messages
  • Maintaining standards of confidentiality with regard to communicating information about and for patients, partners, family and Hospice staff
  • Greeting all visitors at reception & showing to rooms or waiting areas
  • Ensuring visitors of the Inpatient Unit sign the visitors book (on arrival and departure)
  • Ensuring the reception area is well maintained with stock in use
  • Ensuring the reception area is neat and tidy (including any floral arrangements, leaflet holders etc)
  • Checking the beverages area by reception, ensuring it is clean and tidy
  • Ensuring the Community & Volunteering team and inpatient staff are aware of any changes in ability to cover duty (vacations, illness etc)
  • Regularly meeting with the Community and Volunteering team to discuss the role
  • Understanding health and safety policies and procedures
  • Adhering to infection control policies

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Administration Volunteer

Mon – Fri | Flexible between 9am – 5pm

Administration volunteers provide essential back up to the staff at the Hospice, including the Day Services Manager, Hospice secretaries and administration staff and the nurses and doctors. As well As providing admin support for the Fundraising Team. The role includes assisting with office tasks such as filing, shredding, photocopying, helping to organise patient files, taking messages and running errands, inputting data into spreadsheets and answering the telephone.

For more information:


Events and Fundraising Volunteer

The Hospice fundraising team host regular community events throughout the year which rely on the support of volunteers to facilitate them.

Our one off event volunteers are a huge help during our Fayres at Christmas, Easter and in the summer and other events. If you are able to give a couple of hours of your time at any of our events we would be extremely grateful. We also have other “one off” opportunities throughout the year, including bucket collections, wrapping Christmas presents and making Easter cards! The tasks you will be undertaking vary, however it may involve helping to set up, clear away, man stalls, supervise rides, sell merchandise and tickets, steward and be a point of information for the thousands of people that attend!

We need enthusiastic volunteers to help throughout the events to support the staff to raise funds for the Hospice. We require you to be punctual, polite and hardworking. You are not required to undergo a DBS check. This is a great opportunity to volunteer with your friends or on your own, to build team work skills, enhance your communication skills and experience the logistics of a large- scale event. You will be supervised at all times by a member of staff and will be working alongside other volunteers.

For more information:


Senior Fundraising Volunteer

There is no obligation to participate in raising funds for St John’s Hospice, but we are incredibly grateful to those who choose to do so. We would like to engage more senior volunteers in helping with the fundraising process. By harnessing volunteers’ passion and expertise, we can access more support, more money and more opportunities. A senior fundraising volunteer is an individual who is perceived as having succeeded in their business or personal life, seeking financial contributions for a charity by making introductions to, and asking for support from, their personal network of family, friends and business contacts.

Senior volunteers bring the following benefits:

  • Particular skills and experience
  • An increase in the senior volunteer’s personal investment in the charity
  • Challenging charities to perform better
  • Access to new prospects
  • Advice on making successful asks
  • Credibility through endorsement
  • Increased income

Senior volunteers experience the following benefits:

  • Finding out more about the cause
  • Getting their contacts involved
  • Meeting new people
  • Attending interesting events
  • Making a practical difference to a charity you are passionate about

How could you help?

  • Introduce us to a company
  • Help to organise a fundraising event
  • Source an auction prize
  • Act as an advocate for St John’s Hospice within business and social networks
  • Contribute financially with a gift or secure philanthropic support
  • Participate in shaping and advising our strategies and planning activities
  • Engage in volunteer roles that put your specific skills to work

For more information:


Inpatient Unit Volunteer

Shifts- 8:30am- 10:30am, 10:30am- 1:30pm, 2pm- 5pm, 5pm-7pm.

The role of the volunteer is to support the structure and organisation of the In-Patient Unit to ensure that every patient and their family members have a positive experience. Volunteers are involved with the running of the Unit Monday – Sunday, 8:30am – 7pm. Volunteers play a vital role in helping patients feel cared about, comfortable and relaxed. There a number of specific responsibilities within the volunteer remit. These may vary in relation to the needs of each patient and the shift time.

Duties include:

  • Distributing and completing menus with patients for each meal.
  • Serving meals and collecting trays when finished.
  • Filling up water, serving tea, snacks if requested for patients and family members
  • Ensure unit kitchen is well stocked
  • Make note of any patient concerns or requests for staff or future volunteers
  • Spending time chatting with patients or family members if they are agreeable
  • Distributing newspapers or reading supplies to anyone who requests
  • Encouraging activities with patients if they are able e.g. reading, a board game, listening to music etc.

For more information:



Bereavement Support Volunteer

These volunteers help in a variety of ways to support bereaved family members and friends. We have multiple bereavement groups including a book group and an art & gallery group. Volunteers can help support these group members by running the sessions and being a friendly ear to talk to.

For more information:


Day Care Unit Volunteer

Shifts- 9:30am- 12pm, 11:30am- 2pm, 12:30pm- 3pm

The role of the volunteer is to support the structure and organisation of the Unit to ensure that every patient who attends has a positive and rewarding experience. Volunteers are there to assist in creating a safe, welcoming and nurturing environment. Volunteers are involved with the running of the centre on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The centre is open to clients from 9.00 until 16.30. Volunteers play a vital role in helping clients feel cared about, comfortable, relaxed and involved. There a number of specific responsibilities within the volunteer remit. These may vary in relation to the needs of each patient group on the days they attend.

Duties include:

  • Welcoming patients to the Day Care Unit, offering breakfast and beverages
  • Helping patients choose from menu options for the day for lunch
  • Checking in with patients and see how they are
  • Keeping areas clean and tidy
  • Laying tables/ preparing for lunch
  • Serving meals
  • Engaging in activities such as art, IT, games of cards etc.

For more information:


Activity Volunteer

Mon – Sun | Morning shift: 10am – 12pm | Afternoon shift: 2pm – 4pm

The role of this volunteer is to spend time with patients in the Inpatient Unit either chatting or joining in with a variety of activities that the patient may wish to participate in. Often the other roles of volunteers within the Hospice might not allow to spend a long time period spending one on one time with a patient, which can be very important for breaking up the day and resuming a sense of normality. On a usual shift the volunteer may simply sit and have a chat with a patient, or it may involve reading a newspaper together, playing a card game, doing some colouring or arts and crafts. It completely varies day to day. If you have any specific skills you believe might be of use then we are always open to offering this for the patients e.g. flower arranging, chess etc.

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