Help us transform our Inpatient Unit

2020 sees the transformation of our 18 bed Inpatient Unit (IPU). For more than 30 years this unit has served the population of 7 London boroughs and embraced those who are living with and dying from terminal illness. Now it is time for an upgrade to ensure that our facilities can keep up with the changing and complex needs of our patients and make it an even lovelier place to be for the people who use it, and the staff and volunteers who work in it.

This is a top to bottom refurbishment, which we’ll begin by making the bedrooms easier to access and full of natural light. As our summers become warmer, patients will be able to control the temperature of their rooms to suit their individual needs. Bathrooms will be upgraded so that they are easier to access and patients can enjoy the simple pleasure of having a relaxing shower. Our patients cope with a variety of conditions and we are incorporating dementia friendly adaptations to provide reassurance for those who need it.

Our beautiful gardens have long been a source of joy to patients and following the refurbishment, will be far more accessible. For patients who want to greet visitors away from their rooms, the new communal area facing the garden will enable them to enjoy the outside view even when the weather is poor. There will also be a new dining space for those who want to enjoy the company of others at mealtimes.

Children are always welcome visitors and the over the years the current facilities have supported many who have been bereaved. The time has come to refresh the bereavement suite so that those who use it, feel more comfortable to share their grief and find ways of navigating through it.

Whether patients stay until the end of their life, come for respite or medical assessment, the IPU is the beating heart of St John’s Hospice and the diverse community we serve. We know this is an ambitious project and we need your help to complete it. Any gift, however large or small would be greatly appreciate. Please donate by clicking here.

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