Lucie's story: Continuing Mum’s legacy of kindness

This Sunday, our incredible supporter Lucie will be taking on the Hackney Half Marathon in memory of someone special, her Mum Carole. As she gets ready for race day, Lucie shares her story and her motivations for taking on this race in aid of our hospice.

The hospice holds a really important and special place in my and my family’s hearts.

On 21st April 2021, my magical Mum Carole Davis sadly passed away at 60 years old from an aggressive form of stage 4 bowel cancer which then spread to her lungs and liver. St John’s Hospice provided such outstanding high-quality medical care for my mum right up until her last breath and they made it possible for her wish to die in the comforts of her own home happen, which my family and I are forever grateful for.

In the last few months of my Mum’s life (with barely any energy to leave bed) she had asked me to help sell her artwork to raise money for others in need at the hospice. That was the kind of woman my Mum was. Always so giving and putting others before herself. It was the last little creative project we did together and it’s a really special memory I’ll treasure forever.

I’ve wanted to do something to support St John’s Hospice ever since, to make sure that others will also get the greatest care and vital support when they need it most, just like the hospice did for my Mum and for the friends she had made there at the hospice.

I recently moved to Hackney and through moving East, I’ve joined some great running clubs and communities. There, I have met some truly amazing and inspiring people, some of whom have also lost a parent, and that was where the idea of running the Hackney Half was born.

I hope that through my running of the Hackney Half, we can continue her incredible legacy of giving back and great acts of kindness. I like to think too that in running this race and having Mum in mind, that I’ll get to somewhat take her on a little guided tour of my new area/home as I run its streets. I know she’s not physically with me anymore, but I know she’ll be watching from up above.

A family picture of Lucie’s Mum Carole running with a friend when she was younger.

A few years ago, I could barely run up the stairs, so this is all very new to me. In training, I’ve managed to run 16k so far and now the race is so close I’m prioritising resting. The half marathon is around 21k so I’m just praying that with all the amazing support of the wonderful crowd and supposed adrenaline rush, that will carry me through right to the end of the day.

I’m getting a little bit nervous as race day draws closer, but I have an amazing group of friends running with me, so we are all just trying to support one another and collectively get into a good positive headspace.

Lucie (bottom right) with friends from Hylo running club, whom a few will be running Sunday’s race too.

A saying that has helped me the most throughout is “Remember your why.” Every time I think of my mum and all those who are suffering and in need, it just keeps me going and wanting to push myself even further, to do the utmost that I can for others. Plus getting out of your comfort zone is where magic happens…So, let’s go!

We’re so grateful to Lucie for sharing her story with us and wish her the very best of luck for Sunday’s race. To date, Lucie has raised almost £4,000 in sponsorship to support our hospice and her wish to continue her Mum’s legacy of kindness and giving back. If you would like to support Lucie, please visit her JustGiving page at

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