Our new gardens are officially open

We are delighted to announce that our new gardens are now complete following renovations generously funded by our donor community. The works have seen our existing gardens connected to the Wellbeing Centre and Inpatient Unit transformed into safe, accessible and tranquil outdoor spaces.

Research shows the fantastic impact that being in an outdoor space can have on the well-being and quality of life of people living with life-limiting and chronic illnesses. Yet over 65% of our patients do not have access to a garden or outside space at home.

This is why we are so grateful to all the donors who have helped us renovate our existing gardens to create two safe, fully accessible and tranquil spaces which will help us to cater for the increasingly complex needs of our patients as well as improve the level of care we provide to our community.

The garden located to the side of the new Wellbeing Centre features new areas which will allow us to launch a new programme of activities such as outdoor exercise and movement classes and gardening.

The new gardens, which have been designed by Trendy Landscapes and North London Head Gardeners, have put both our patients' and staff’s experiences and needs at the forefront.

The works have included the demolition of a disused fire escape ramp which has now been replaced with a balcony which can be accessed from two of the private en-suite rooms on the Inpatient Unit. As well as providing these two bedrooms with their own secluded outdoor area for relaxation or time spent with visitors, the demolition has helped widen the garden at the side of the Wellbeing Centre, now known as the Wellbeing Garden, and widen all pathways to ensure full accessibility.

By demolishing the ramp the garden has been made wider and a new secluded balcony created for two of the en-suite bedrooms on the Inpatient Unit.

The widened garden has made it possible to add areas for outdoor dining and exercise classes as well as raised flower beds which will allow us to launch new activities such as gardening.

The garden adjacent to the Inpatient Unit also features widened pathways creating a safe space for bed-bound patients to also enjoy the outside. Something that was not possible before.

The Inpatient Unit garden can be accessed from every bedroom on the unit and is now accessible to bed-bound patients.

The plants chosen, and bird feeders and insect houses added to both gardens will also help to attract more wildlife and create a natural haven in the middle of London.

All the materials used have been sustainably sourced and colour palettes of the hard landscaping have been chosen to ensure a fluid feel from the internal to the external areas of our hospice.

As well as new wildlife, both gardens are now home to our beautiful St John's Butterflies which can be dedicated in celebration and in memory of loved ones.

These works have been funded by our donor community. Thank you to Kusuma Trust, Brampton Trust, Garfield Weston Foundation, Kensington and Chelsea District Nursing Trust, Strand Parishes Trust and everyone else who has helped to transform our gardens for the benefit and enjoyment of our patients and their loved ones and carers, as well as our staff and volunteers.

For supporters:

If you would like a tour of the new gardens, to learn more about them or how you could support the hospice, please contact our Fundraising team at fundraising@hje.org.uk.

For prospective patients and family members:

If you would like to learn more about the care provided at our hospice and how you or a loved one can access these services, please visit www.stjohnshospice.org.uk/our-care.

For healthcare professionals:

Please click here to learn more about the care provided at our hospice. If you would like to refer a patient please visit, www.stjohnshospice.org.uk/referrals.

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