Support our hospice through COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 is being felt across the charity sector, and unfortunately, St John’s Hospice is no different. Following the pandemic, admissions to our inpatient unit are up by over 20% in the first half of the year, yet our fundraising is projected to be down by £1.3 million this year – that’s 50% less than our target of £2.6 million that is needed to help fund our essential, free palliative care.

This is a stark outlook and one which we are asking for your help to address.

COVID-19 has impacted our patients, their families, and our staff in many complex ways. It is reported that around 100 of our patients are in severe financial situations. Families have lost loved ones without being able to say their goodbyes in the way we all imagine, resulting in a greater need for our bereavement services. Our day care patients haven’t been able to come into the centre since March, with many of them living alone and over 40% needing a wheelchair, their sense of isolation is increasing and the need for more technology to help open their world back up and have them access services and friendships virtually is more important than ever. Think how many times during lockdown you’ve had a video call with a friend or loved one, the majority of our patients simply do not have this technology to do what many take for granted.

“We all want to be there for each other and look after each other. Our patients become our family, the ones who need our care the most.” Sue Hutton, Interim Assistant Director of Nursing.

Our services span across many areas with over 60 staff needed to support our day care centre, community care, our Hospice@Home service, bereavement and counselling, as well as our lymphedema service.

All of these services rely on our fundraising efforts – yet with the closure of our charity shops, the cancellation of our events, and the difficulty in meeting our donors and prospective donors face to face, we are struggling to keep money coming in through the doors.

St. John’s Hospice CEO, Mrs Caroline Fox says, “The impact the COVID pandemic has had on all charities is staggering. For us, here at our Hospice, we are more determined to be there for our patients. With everything going on they need us now more than ever. We deliver our essential palliative care without charge to our patients and their loved ones. It is something we take huge pride in but we cannot do this without donations. If you can spare even the smallest amount it can make a huge difference to the running of our Hospice.”

We are asking for your help, below are some figures that show how even a small amount can add up to make a key difference to the care we are able to provide our patients:

  • £20 could pay for a monthly visit from a bereavement counsellor to support a family member
  • £50 could pay for three hours of one to one care for a patient
  • £100 could pay for a day of a healthcare assistant in our inpatient unit
  • £650 could pay for the PPE needed for one week in the Hospice
  • £1000 could pay for technology for our isolated patients to access their care and contact loved ones remotely

To support us through this difficult time please donate by clicking here.

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