Vanessa Feltz praises St John’s Hospice during radio show

Vanessa Feltz, journalist, TV and radio personality paid tribute to St John’s Hospice after attending a dinner on Wednesday 14 November to thank our supporters.

Speaking on her BBC2 radio show yesterday morning she described our Hospice as ‘such an extraordinary place.’

During the morning show Vanessa described the evening and said: "Yesterday evening I attended a dinner to give a short speech. A short braising speech at The Royal College of Physicians which is on the edge of the beautiful Regents Park in the heart of London. And in the most exquisite book lined library there was a dinner to thank people for all their hard work on behalf of the St John’s Hospice which is such an extraordinary place."

"I’m sure if any of you have had any contact with hospices in your life, you’ll know they are places of great joy, and places of calm, and a place where there’s a wonderful feeling that patients can really, really be themselves – in whatever way they feel they can express themselves. That’s what this is place is all about and so it was dinner to thank all those who work so hard to make it what it is and that’s where I was last night. A fine time I must say was had by all."

You can listen to the full show here.

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