‘We knew that a lot of friends and family were very keen to buy us a present but we were also conscious that we were fortunate enough to already have many of the things we actually needed. I would recommend it as a way to donate, so long as you don’t tell people what they have to donate because charitable giving is always a very personal thing. St John’s Hospice cared for my dad when he was in the final stages of lung cancer in December 2003 and the excellent care he received was a real comfort to the family at the time.’ 

A couple on their wedding day.

‘The concert in memory of my husband was in part to thank all our wonderful friends who had helped and supported us on our journey and in part to raise funds for St John’s Hospice where he spent the last two and a half weeks of his life… The staff at the Hospice are truly caring and sensitive both to the needs of the patient and their families. I was able to spend precious time with my husband, which was not available to me when he was at home and I felt more confident that he was comfortable and in the most capable hands possible.’ 

Supporter speaking after a concert in honour of her husband.