The support of businesses and organisations is essential to us and we are constantly looking to build new, mutually beneficial relationships. Working with St John’s Hospice can help enhance your image, increase business and raise the profile of your organisation.

Our Benefits To You Include:

  • Positive PR coverage – we have great links with the local media and we will work with you to promote your activity and shout about the support you give us.
  • Increased brand awareness – by working with St John’s Hospice we can help you reach a new and different audience for your service or product.
  • Positive brand positioning – support of a local charity positions your brand positively by showing your customers that you both care and support the community that you work in.
  • Employee engagement and interaction – supporting the community has a direct and indirect impact on the quality of life for your staff and their families. Employees both appreciate and notice this commitment.
  • Employee attraction and retention – potential employee’s review all aspects of new companies and it has been shown that they view companies who support their local communities in a more favourable light.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy – it shows that you do as you say on the tin. By demonstrating your support to your local community customers, clients, suppliers and employees can see you are actively implementing your CSR policy.
  • We can offer a number of varied ways for your business to work with us – whatever your objectives or requirements – we can find the right package for you.