Who do we accept referrals for?

We accept referrals for:

  • Assessment of need, often in crisis situations, when it is not clear what the underlying problems are for the individual patient;
  • Complex symptom control;
  • Respite care to allow carers a period of rest;
  • Rehabilitation following palliative care treatments;
  • Care for patients who require specialist care in the last days of life.

As a patient we hope that you will find the environment relaxed and friendly. The Inpatient Unit has 19 beds and consists of mainly single en-suite rooms with two single-sex four-bedded bays. Every effort is made to accommodate your choice of room. Every bed area has TV, telephone and lockable cupboard. Four-star meals and newspapers are provided.

There are several comfortable sitting areas that cater for smokers and non-smokers with an opportunity to watch TV, DVDs or listen to music. There are various garden areas and all have disabled access.

While we do our best to cater for each specific dietary, religious needs, etc. We do ask that the patient inform us of any individual requirements.

If you would like to visit the Hospice prior to referral or admission please ring 020 7806 4040 or send an email. Patients and relatives can also contact our Hospice Inpatient Manager, Joanna Hempstead, by emailing Joanna here.

We provide Inpatient Services for patients registered with a GP belonging to the following CCGs: NHS Central London CCG, NHS West London CCG, NHS Brent CCG, NHS Camden CCG and NHS Islington. Patients from NHS Hammersmith and Fulham CCG who are in the catchment area for the Pembridge Hospice can be admitted whilst the Pembridge Hospice Inpatient Unit is temporarily closed for admissions.