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Please do not visit the Hospice if you or anyone in your household have any flu like symptoms such as a fever, a cough or you are experiencing breathing difficulties. Please self-isolate and visit NHS 111 online. Click here for the latest information.


Our specialist palliative care provides therapies to enhance rehabilitation and pain control.

Our physiotherapist works with all appropriate patients within the Hospice, including the Inpatient Unit and Day Services. The physiotherapist also works as part of the Community Team visiting patients in their own homes.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy

Palliative Care Occupational Therapists work with anyone with a life limiting illness who may benefit from input at any stage on their journey.

St John’s Hospice employs 2 part time Occupational Therapists and a Therapy Assistant, who enable patients to maintain their personal independence and quality of life. An Occupational Therapist may visit patients at home, on the In-Patient Unit or in Day services.

The team will talk with patients and their families and give advice to enable them to continue their day to day activities as normally as possible. Examples of interventions which the Specialist Palliative Care Occupational Therapists offer:

  • Retraining in personal or domestic activities of daily living.
  • Assessment and provision of specialist equipment.
  • Lifestyle management advice to cope with fatigue or altered level of independence.
  • Stress/anxiety management advice and relaxation techniques
  • Supporting and educating carers/family regarding patient’s changing level of functional and/or cognitive ability
  • Facilitating psychological adjustment to loss of function/roles in life.
  • Advice regarding coping strategies for dealing with cognitive impairments
  • Assistance to participate in leisure activities or develop new leisure interests.
  • A functional rehabilitation programme to enable patients to deal with the complex difficulties associated with their condition (e.g. strategies to cope with fatigue, breathlessness or anxiety)

Complementary therapy

We believe that complementary therapies can work together with medical and nursing care to improve your well being, reduce anxiety and help you to cope with your illness.

We have a team of complementary therapists who work with our Day Services and Inpatient Unit

We offer a range of therapies including massage, reiki, reflexology and acupuncture to relieve physical and psychological symptoms and aid in the management of pain, mobility, depression, anxiety and stress. The patient’s suitability for complementary therapies will be assessed as part of the initial assessment and reviewed at regular intervals.
In the initial assessment, we discuss the potential benefits of each treatment with the patient.



Our specialist palliative care physiotherapists take a person centred rehabilitative approach in enabling individuals to maintain or regain strength, movement, endurance and functional independence. The aim of the service is to provide access to appropriate levels of rehabilitation and support across the Hospice Inpatient Unit, Day Services and in the Community.

Patients can often become debilitated and deconditioned, not only due to their illness but also the side effects of treatment that they are receiving. This not only has an effect on their physical condition but also their psychological wellbeing.



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