Child Bereavement Services

We also run a specialised service for bereaved children and young people. Robert offers support and guidance to children as well as helping and advising parents/carers. If requested, he can also liaise with a child’s school and provide bereavement training to teachers throughout Central and North West London. This course is tailor-made to teachers, covering the feelings evoked when working with bereaved children and the role for teachers in this situation.

Children are welcome to visit the Hospice at any time and toys and books are available in our children’s room. We also have specialist books and other materials available to help young children understand and make sense of their situation. We also run ‘bereavement days’ where children can meet up with their peers who have also experienced the loss of a loved one.

Please contact Robert Moroney for more information on 020 7078 3816 or by email.

Child Bereavement Service

The death of someone close can be devastating for anyone, but children and young people may find it particularly difficult to understand and cope with. Often children and young people need extra support after bereavement. Parents and professionals can also benefit from advice and guidance on how to best to help. If you are working with a child or young person experiencing grief, the Child Bereavement Service at St John’s Hospice may be able to help.

The Child Bereavement Service is a free service provided by a specialist social work team with a long track record of providing practical and emotional support to individuals and families before and after a bereavement.

We are always happy to speak to anyone interested in the Child Bereavement Service – please call Sagarasila Krohn on 020 7078 3840 or email for more information. Further details about the service we offer can be found on our leaflet.

Professionals can refer children and young people in writing using our referral form. 

Please email referrals to our secure email address: