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Hike through the Berber Trails and enjoy the beauty of Morocco!

A swathe of green pastures in the reddish rocky foothills of the High Atlas Mountains, Ait Bougmez is the longest valley in Morocco and strikingly beautiful. Nicknamed the Happy Valley for good reason, its mud-brick villages and patchwork of cultivated barley fields are surrounded by soaring peaks. Streams tumbling down from the high massif sustain the crops and fruit trees – a rare sight in these barren landscapes.

This secluded region is only just starting to become known to trekkers; explore the valleys and mountain ridges on old mule paths used by farmers and nomads herding goats and sheep. It’s varied, hilly, rewarding trekking with little flat but plenty to fascinate and motivate you on the way. You get to stay in traditional Berber villages each night, allowing you to discover the charming culture and friendly hospitality of the Berbers, and finish in colourful Marrakech for wonderful cultural contrast!

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